Computer Literacy

This topic will call for a full write up on the concept of modern day literacy. But in the mean time, here is a clip from an interview that Steve Jobs gave to Ted Koppel on Nightline (on ABC) back in 1981! The selected clip addresses Steve’s thought on an issue that desperately could have used his stubborness. – CLIP – In essence, Steve’s argument is that the best protection from surveillance is computer literacy.

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Computing Wish List

Some things I would like to find: New keyboard designs (travel and ergonomic) Compute stick with 16+ GB of RAM Smallest x86 quad core portable computing device (w/32+ GB RAM) Update!: I have been playing with some great machines, including some surprising entries from HP that pack 65W (or 35W) Intel Quad Core 7th Generation Chips into a very small form factor weighing 2.3 pounds without the power brick.

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Random Unsorted Stories I Find Interesting

Just starting to braindump other peoples stories that I find interesting… will keep adding and finding the full versions and linking. Work Ethic Michael J. Fox would sleep in the back of a station wagon in between the set of family ties (I think) and Back to the Future. He only filmed the movie on nights and weekends, and that is why so much of takes place at night Steve Aoki Random Marc Benioff got the idea for having an “App Store” from Steve Jobs, trademarked it and got the domain, and later gave it to Apple for free.

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