By invention Editor in Chief | January 16, 2017

“You can’t reinvent the wheel” -someone “Don’t reinvent the wheel” -someone else

Lately I have been thinking about a new form of modular portable computer. I have a small 1080p-ish 7” screen I purchased/assembeled in Akihabara (in tokyo). And I have been thinking about how to best make use of it. Stick an intel compute stick (or raspberry pi as the demo unit did) to the back of it with a usb battery? and maybe even a portable speaker? Boom! Laptop.

But wait… what about the keyboard?

The keyboard is the limiting device in all computers these days, and has not seen the innovation that everything else has. It makes me sad to think that until someone reinvents the keyboard, (or a replacement device) general purpose computers will all have the same predicatble form factor.

Needs for a replacement device: * High Accuracy

Wishes: * Compact size for travel * Adjustable key travel? (That would be so awesome) * Ability to type on my lap without a table

But what would be more awesome than a new better keyboard? What about a complete reinvention of the keyboard. (and I don’t mean dictation software or those stupid laser keyboards… although a laser keyboard with somekind of tactile feedback would be interesting to try)

There are so may things that are ripe for reinvention. Think of how much incremental progress has been made on things (keyboards, screens, jet engines vs. propellors) but how crazy it would be if someone invented a new jet engine? Or a regular engine. Even tesla’s dc motors, as amazing as they are, are just incremembtally more advanced than the ones found in your first cordless drill or rc car.

Other things to reinvent? * Food processing? (How to process food while maintaining nutritional value) * Speakers. How crazy is it that they just push air around to replicate complicated sounds * Solar Panels * Wireless communication. I made a joke to someone about how there is nothing new in wireless communication. That fancy new router that has twice as much bandwidth? Well, it litterally has twice as much bandwidth… it uses 80mhz instead of 40mhz. They didn’t invent anything new. Also, how crazy is it that this stuff ever works. * Anything that existed 50 years ago

Random Note:

I have been thinking about doing this because I made my own bluetooth headhphones lately by pairing the Beyerdynamic Custom Studio (the closest to the DT-770 but with a removable cable) with the best portable bluetooth adapter I could find (Elecom Japanese Import) after being fed up with how much all other cables headphones suck.