Light (Natural Light)

By health Editor in Chief | November 26, 2015

Light is very important to health. Eons of genetics have programmed us to sync our sleep cycle with the light of the sun. Not having enough natural light has been proven to make you sad. So sad in fact, that someone decided to make something called Seasonal Attitude Depression, or something like that, I am guessing, which is an acronym for SAD.

Adjust your schedule

I am a notoriously late sleeper. But I have keep the EST/EDT time zone while in other locations. Imagine being on a boat with your friends in turkey and seeing the sunrise every morning to avoid jet lag? And then going to sleep. Its crazy what these experiments have taught me about the extra time you can create with a change in your schedule, but more importantly the affects on your health.

Recently (November 2015) I have had the opportunity to spend a very depressing week in an amazing office. (Then after a week of faking the light), I spent a week in Los Angeles starting every day at 7am with the sun. Again, this is because I start my day in the office at 10am. Thats a big difference.

But the real big difference? The sun. My entire work day, I had natural light blanketing my entire work area, and it made a huge difference to what otherwise was a stressful week.

Also, use lighting suggested below to help sync to the new schedule. Lifx (the smart bulbs I have at home) just released a new update to light your room with the sun. Previously I used IFTTT to enforce lighting.

Fake it ‘til you make it

Use adjustable lights or bulbs to fake natural light. This is especially helpful if you can’t try adjusting your schedule, or if your locale doesn’t have enough light for this.

I’ll update this page later with more thoughts but I am about to land. If you can afford it, get Phillips Hue or LiFX.

Quick Update

iOS 9.3 and the latest FireOS updates on kindle have features to block blue light.