Google Hangouts Sucks

By google sucks Editor in Chief | December 10, 2015

Hangouts is completely broken if you don’t have gmail

I was on a brand new Mac OS X installation as part of an experiment i was trying ( to see how tweaked my OS install is, because i have not done this since probably the inclusion of Time Machine on Mac OS X). I had to do an AirPair with a client and I was trying to use a personal non-gmail non-google “apps” email. The new page is really nice and it is based on the only thing google has made since 2011 that I truly love. The page after a hangout on a google apps (or work) account, that has a nice random beautiful background image, and your calendar. I tried to start a video chat, and it just gave me a basic black pop up page.

I assumed it needed the plug-in from previous experience. So I tried to find it using…. Google. Eventually I did. After following its instructions meticulously ( I knew it wasn’t going to work, so i decided to give as much rope as I could do them ), I tried to join the video chat on both Safari and Chrome.


The same black screen.

So, I invited myself in the text window of the hangouts interface with a gmail account. Logged in. Joined the chat, and boom. Worked just fine.

WTF google?