Communication, it's not a science, except when it is.

Communication, it’s not a science, except when it is. Communication, its not a science, accept when it is. Communication is something we constantly take for granted in all of its forms. The other day, I was watching something that I can’t remmeber. I believe it was Bill Nye’s new Science Guy type show. This show has been something I have been excited about enough to read a seatback interview! Remember, this page can change at anytime, so for now, I am just going to remind myself to try and find a quote from this article, because he said that he wanted to inspire a new generation and re-inspire the original target generation of his first show.

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Amazon Kindle

The Amazon Kindle, from its very introduction has been the undisputed champion in e-reading. I have owned the first, second and third generation versions, and tested later editions.

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