Cell Phone

Cell Phone Carriers

What do I think about the cell phone carriers? Unless you have a specific need that is addressed by one of the carriers below, you should probably pick the cheapest one. Why? Because. Cell phone technology, and most wireless technology is one of those things, that it is so amazing it even works. The flip side to that? You can’t be disappointed when it doesn’t. So, if you can’t get mad when your carrier sucks (they all do), take pride in knowing that you are paying the least possible for that terrible experience. Also, the most important thing is that you HAVE to be on a family plan. Otherwise you are being ripped off. You can join or leave a family plan at anytime on many carriers, and each line can have its own SSN and responsibility and contract. So there is really not a lot of risk, so bundle up with some friends, or get back on your parents plan!

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