please steal these ideas

By ideas Editor in Chief | January 17, 2016

Here are some ideas that I would love someone else to steal. A lot of these ideas I started sending myself back in 2010. Let me know if you steal an idea so I can link to you!

Ideas You Should Steal

  • Hacking Insurance
  • Tinder for food delivery
  • Texting for teachers: like zendesk for their students to ask about things like homework
  • Newsletter (E-mail marketing) Competitive Analysis
  • Ustream + kickstarter ?
  • News Reader that de-aggregates (the same story on engadget and other sites would only show up once)
  • Rebate processing service (like they submit rebates for you)
  • Ad supported GPS in base model cars
  • Simple NDA service (focus on the completion of an NDA and asking someone to delete things pursuant to said NDA) (yes NDAs are generally non-enforceable)

Ideas that are ready to be stolen again

  • Google Alerts

Partially Stolen Ideas

  • Encrypted network storage appliance
  • Smart eBay bidding bot. (max bid against a list of objects in a bucket, idea is to get one item per bucket at the lowest price)
  • CRM for your personal life

Ideas that have probably been stolen

  • Google Alerts for eBay
  • Caffeine energy spray (like binaca)
  • Paid Android device guide for developers
  • Time tracker using FourSquare

Ideas that have been stolen

  • Text Messaging for 911
  • Gift cards for buying things anonymously
  • Social network for students (2003)
  • GPS based advertising in your car
  • Payment System for freelancers
  • Meaningful use EMR
  • Live chat with small businesses using SMS as the backend
  • Unsubscribe service
  • Lauchrock + Stripe

Ideas I have tried to steal

  • Food Delivery (2009)
  • Price Comparison Engine (1999)
  • Referral link shortening (2010)
  • Tree Planting as a service
  • Rebate Processing App