Amazon Kindle

By amazon Editor in Chief | January 25, 2016

The Amazon Kindle, from its very introduction has been the undisputed champion in e-reading. I have owned the first, second and third generation versions, and tested later editions.

The OG Kindle (well, the 3rd gen one)

If you travel a lot, you may want to consider the Amazon Kindle Keyboard (3rd generation). This is because its the last one that has free international roaming with the experimental browser. Here is a situation that makes that very useful. You are about to go through customs, and don’t have proof of a return flight, yet that country requires it. Boom, pull out your kindle. Although this isn’t an issue if you have T-Mobile.

The Kindle Fire

This was out of the question until they came out with the feature to block blue light at night, just like flux. But now, iOS has this, so, it’s really not worth it unless….

The $49 tablet.

This thing is the best piece of crap you can get for $49. Great for kids, terrible if you are sensitive to pixel density. Build quality is suprisingly good, and having the Amazon App Store “Underground”, means you get cheesy free games with free in-app purchases.

The Fire Phone